some people refer to it as music

Distant Cousins : (excerpt) : for steel pan (FF) and pipa (Min Xiao-fen). Recorded live at La Mama, NYC (5:10)

Lark’s Blood : (4.46)

Naughty Bits : featured in the work “No Fly Zone” with Foofwa d’imobilité (3:57)

Flying Papayas : by Fast Forward and David Moss. Recorded at The Performing Garage in New York (2:45)

Forward and Backwards : for radio and television (1.40)

Red Dance : for solo steel pan. Featured on the CDs Red Raw Steel Drum and Panhandling by (2:11)

Film (excerpt) (4:25)

A Bad Bounce : featured on the CD Just Drums II (4:05)

44 instructions : (excerpt) Performers: Fast Forward/John King/George Lewis/Zeena Parkins. Live at MCDC Studios (4:03)

Typhoon Shelter : (excerpt) 33 minute work for 6 musicians, performed outside in Hong Kong China December 2011 (2:29)

Parabola : (excerpt) Takehisa Kosugi (violin/electronics), Fast Forward (steel pan) recorded at DIA Art Foundation, NYC (2.48)

Oji : (excerpt) for mailing tubes and strings. Featured on the CD Zeitenwechsel by Edition RZ’s “Parallele” label Berlin. (2:15)