Just Drums 2 This Double CD set released in February of 2005 features well over 2 hours of astounding, genre defying music by some of the most innovative and inventive drummers/percussionists in the world. More than Two years in the making, Fever Pitch once again defies category with this monumental release. Initially sparked from the love of the breakbeats of Clyde Stubblefield, the Drum Orgies that Art Blakey curated and the driving power of Rashied Ali. Just Drums is an overdose of all things percussive. Whether experimental or traditional means, the drumset and all of its parts are used to its fullest potential. The line-up includes: Jacopo Andreini, Jeff Arnal, Ben Hall, MS Bacon, Emil Hagstrom, Christine Bard, JT Bates, Michael Bettine, Chris Corsano, Andrew Drury, Michael Evans, Mirko Sabatini, Billy Martin, Fast Forward, Mark Guiliana, John Hollenbeck, Jeph Jerman, David Lebleu, Payton MacDonald, Sean Meehan, Ravish Momin, Kevin Shea, Stephen Moses, Rich O’ Donnell, Mark Powers, Mike Pride, Jim Pugliese, Gilles-Vincent Rieder, Gino Robair, Jen Swartz, Ches Smith, Trey Spruance, Karen Stackpole, Moe! Staiano, Jason Verhagen, Fritz Welch, William Winant and Kim Zick.

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Zeitenwechsel The recently released Zeitenwechsel is the second in a series of CDs produced by the Berlin Artists Program the DAAD and released on Edition RZ's 'Parallele' label. This CD has works by 6 different composers. It includes 'Oji' (7.25) by Fast Forward and Parabola (12.38) by Fast Forward and Takehisa Kosugi. Other artists are Ellen Fullman, Horatio Vaggione, Mario Verandi and Olga Neuwirth.

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Apollo and Marsyas is a double CD-set with accompanying book which documents some of the concerts which took place at Het Apollohuis in Eindhoven, NL during 1980-1997. The two discs with thirty-eight excerpts are arranged in chronological order and give a truthful and appealing view of the width, the depth and the diversity of the concert programme of Het Apollohuis. The CDs feature Derek Bailey / Ernst Reijseger, Tom Johnson, David Gibson, Group 180, Rolf Julius, Ned Rothenberg, Elliot Sharp, Vivenza, Arnold Dreyblatt, Pauline Oliveros, Carl Stone, Carles Santos, Joe Jones, Takehisa Kosugi, Terry Fox, Walter Fähndrich, Fast Forward, Alvin Lucier, Alvin Curran, Richard Lerman, Jerry Hunt, Shelley Hirsch / David Weinstein, Eliane Radigue, The Hub, Teodoro Anzelotti, Pierre Berthet / Brigida Romano, Warren Burt, SEM Ensemble, Jim O'Rourke, Borbetomagus, Butcher / Minton / Hirt, Iva Bittova, Stefan Kovacs Tickmayer, Rafael Toral, David First, Reinier van Houdt, Kaffe Matthews, and Matt Rogalsky. Het Apollohuis (Netherlands) ACD 090218

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Same Same is a collection of live recordings from three concerts in New York City. The first, Simultaneous Music is a work for six musicians (Michelle Kinney, Takehisa Kosugi, David Moss, David Shea, Alex Tobias and Fast Forward) in which all six parts are composed and rehearsed independently. The scores are given to the players in advance of the concert, but no group rehearsals take place prior to the performance. The Yin-Yang Merger is scored for a battery of percussionists, voice, electronics and trumpet (featuring: Yuval Gabay, David Moss, James Lo, Ben Neill and Fast Forward). Feeding Frenzy is centered around the fabrication, composition and consumption of food. Food is cooked and consumed during the concert and the resultant sounds are the musical basis of the work, (featuring: Guy Klucevsek, Ikue Mori and Fast Forward). XI 108, total recording time: 73 minutes.

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Panhandling is a solo album for steel pan and other percussion instruments. Recorded in Berlin during the winter of 1989. review: " Fast Forward has moved beyond the steel drum this go around. Of course the ringing, resonant, and unique timbres of the steel drum are still central fixtures in his music, but new and unusual percussion instruments have been added to his battery, including timbales, tamboura, bullroarer, temple bells, bathtub and a found metal coil dubbed the "metal snake". The effect is similar to the very early music of Charlemagne Palestine, Glass, or Reich. The relentless sounds are absolutely spell-binding. The music is vibrant, immediate and compelling; it fills the air with a tangible presence that you can almost reach out, grab and embrace." Dean Suzuki - Option magazine. Lovely Music 2091. Total recording time: 47 minutes.

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The Caffeine Effect - Fast Forward's original percussion group album recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio in New York City. Features musicians Yuval Gabay, Kumiko Kimoto, James Lo, Wes Virginia and Fast Forward. A diverse array of instruments are used on this album including: cans, pans, copper pipes, amplified springs and coils, hubcaps, gongs, steel pan and many,many drums. review: "Fast Forward leads his metal war wagon through six compositions of such cacophonous intensity as to render this disc's title an understatement. Occasionally echoing Trinadadian steel bands, industrial noise and the group Uakti, his ensemble is a kind of gamelan, rattling out the rhythms of post-industrial society in a series of hypnotic and celebratory dances, with a periodic metallic explosion to keep things real." John Baxter, Option magazine. This is a re-release of the original album which is now out of print.

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Bring your own Walkman is a compilation CD produced by Jack Jaeger and released as part of his exhibition 'Bring your own walkman' with art, video and live concerts in Amsterdam. Includes Fast Forward's release '186' and recordings by Mike Kelley, Wolfgang Tillmans (Aphex Twin), Ken Ardley Playboys, Annie Gosfield and numerous other artists.

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Nova Feedback is a brand new compilation album from the God Mountain label in Japan. Includes two tracks by King Forward (John King/Fast Forward/Ikue Mori/ Jonathan Kane). Also includes music by Gaji, Gastr del sol, Screaming Pinch Hitter, Costes and Music Start Against Young Assault. God Mountain. Total recording time 56 minutes.

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Musiques Submergides is a compilation album from Spain. In 1993, Barbara Held organized a large experimental music festival which took place at Metronom in Barcelona. This CD was produced for that series of concerts. Includes music by Pauline Oliveros, David Behrman, Gordon Monahan, Fatima Miranda and others. Also includes the "Parabola" recordings by Fast Forward and Takehisa Kosugi. Nova Era CD 2002. Total recording time 64 minutes.

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Rotorblade is an album of music for solo steel pan. The music was composed for a dance/theater work performed by Fast Forward and dancer Yves Musard. It was recorded in the beautifully rich acoustics of the chapel at the DIA Art Foundation in Soho, New York. " Intense and immaculate, messieurs Musard and Forward's collaborations are compressed driving spectacles. Slightly mad, very tight minimalist whirlpools" Burt Supree, Village Voice. ARPH AT020. Total recording time: 42 minutes. This is a CD release of the original album. Original cassette release available by request.

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Red Raw Steel Drum is the first collection of recordings for solo steel pan by Fast Forward. The recordings were made at Institut Unzeit in Berlin in 1984. The entire package was produced, recorded and manufactured on the road, including xerox copied black on red liner and hand signed limited edition cassette. Now out of print, only a limited supply of this album exists, collector's item. Published by Obsolete Music. This is a CD release of the original album.

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% (pron. percent) is Fast Forward's first album. Electronic music compositions, desert recordings, remake's of the classic songs Bye Bye Love and Dream a little Dream for me, even Fast Forward singing! Recorded in San Francisco and New Mexico. Published by Pink Noise Records, CA. Total recording time 43 minutes. This is a CD release of the original album (recommended). Original cassette release available by request.

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So und So und So is a compilation from the "Visual Music Days" which took place at the Shaffy Theatre in Amsterdam from 27 May - 1 June 1986. The series was curated by Julie Smit and Dick Hauser and includes a diverse and eclectic group of artists. Originally released on cassette, it has been remastered and is now available on CD. 50 minutes of music including :

Armeno & Marcel Alberts (NL), Bombyx (Fr), Bow Gamelan Ensemble (GB), Frieder Butzmann & Thomas Kapielski (D), Deficit des Annees Anterieures (Fr), Paul deMarinis (USA), Arnold Dreyblatt (USA), John Driscoll (USA), Ulrich Eller (D), Fast Forward (USA), Shelley Hirsch (USA), Paul van der Kruk (NL), Christian Marclay (USA), Cas de Marez & Luc Houtkamp (NL), Selected Dark & Bright Music (NL), Victor Snitsheuvel (NL), Jed Speare & Rob List (USA)

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Bye Bye Love. This is the original pressing of Fast Forward's remake of Bye Bye Love by the Everly Brothers (opening track on % album). The B side is 'City of Merchandise' by James Himself accompanied by Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger of Tuxedo Moon on sax. Unquestionably a collector's item. Released by Pink Noise Records in California in 1981.

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BOOK: Arcana IV : Now in its fourth installment, with a fifth in preparation, John Zorn's acclaimed ARCANA series has become a major source on new music theory and practice in the 21st century. Rather than an attempt to distill or define a musician's work, Arcana illuminates via personal vision and experience through the undiluted words and thoughts of the practitioners themselves. Elucidating through manifestoes, scores, interviews, notes and critical papers, composer/performers address composing, improvising, teaching, living, touring and thinking in and through music. Essential for composers, musicians, students and fans alike, this challenging and original series provides insight into the work and methodologies of some of the most remarkable creative minds of our time.

As musicians, we are at our best when fully engaged in the intensely personal processes of uncovering and revealing the things that we have each found to be true along the way. The pursuit of our own individual

goals in sound and conception can offer insights that transcend as we search to reconcile the impossible with the possible, the imagined gesture with the actual fact of music itself. With this fourth volume in the Arcana series, John Zorn has again assembled broad testimony to the cause in an infinity of dialects, wildly diverse but unified with an intent on delivering a range of personal reports that ruminate not only the state of the art in music today, but offer an illuminating view into the deepest crevices of our culture on the move in this most interesting of times.

— Pat Metheny

With chapters by: Derek Bailey, Chris Cutler, Paul Dresher, Arnold Dreyblatt, Toby Driver, Marty Ehrlich, Mamoru Fujieda, Shelley Hirsch, Robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz, John King, Keeril Makan, Gordon Mumma, David Slusser, Kathleen Supové, Davey Williams, Carolyn Yarnell, Nels Cline, David Dunn, Peter Evans, James Fei, Fast Forward, Miguel Frasconi, Kenneth Gaburo, Steve Gorn, Vijay Iyer, Alex Lipowski, Bob Ludwig, Benedict Mason, Hankus Netsky, Steve Peters, Matana Roberts, Brandon Ross, Ursel Schlict, Tyshawn Sorey

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Music for Merce (1952-2009)

New World Records 10 CD boxed set



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